Animal Products & Pet Supplies

We all love our pets what better way to show them than by giving them the best care.

Goodna Produce caters for all your pets needs whether it is big or small we have it all.


  • Prime/Grassy/Barley Hay
  • Lucerne/Oaten/Wheaten & Mixed Chaff
  • Popular stock feeds from Mitavite, Prydes, Riverina, Barastoc & more
  • Full range of supplements
  • Grooming and accessories
  • Feed and storage bins
  • Molasses
  • Electric Fencing supplies


  • Premium dog food lines, Advance, ProPlan, Ala Carte, Ivory Coat & Black Hawk
  • Bulk dog foods, Bonnie, Supercoat, Enduro, Cobber, Uncle Albers & Pedigree
  • Fresh and frozen food
  • Treats & toys
  • Flea, tick & worm control from all your major brands
  • Collars, leads & bowls
  • Grooming products – Fido’s, Malaseb, Quit Itch and Thoroughbred fix.


  • Premium cat food lines Advance, Ala Carte, Ivory Coat & Black Hawk
  • Bulk dry cat food Whiskas, Friskies, Supercoat and Cat pro
  • Treats and toys
  • Flea, tick and worm control from all your major brands
  • Collars, harnesses and bowls

Small Animal

  • Our own special guinea pig mix, plus Jack Rabbit and Micro Pellets
  • Cages, hutches, drink bottles and accessories
  • Wood shavings of two varieties, straw and various other types of bedding
  • Guinea Pig Hay and chaff

Bird and Poultry

  • Jenco Feeds & Seeds
  • Barastoc laying mixes
  • Allora Grains
  • Point of lay chooks
  • Feeders & Waterers
  • Locally made chicken runs and layer boxes
  • Bird cages & cage accessories


  • Selected range of fish flakes and pellets.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here on our website give our friendly staff a call on 07 3288 2336 and they will be able to assist in finding the products you require